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Lipstick Tips for Multi-hued Skin Tones

I LOVE lipstick. It is my absolute favorite makeup item. So I consulted again with my friend and very talented makeup artist, Candy Hannan, for tips on wearing lipstick for multi-hued skin tones.  She and Marietta Carter-Narcisse, an international celebrity makeup artist, gave me some useful tips to pull off the ultimate lip color–RED.

Anyone can wear red lipstick.  You just have to find the right shade of red to complement your individual complexion and personality.  First, check to see if it is sheer, matte, or creamy. Choose a matte or sheer color if you want a more subtle look.  I happen to love sheer color.  One of my personal favorites is Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain in Cranberry Crush.  It won Allure’s Best Sheer Lipstick last year and it lives up to expectations. It stays on all day and you never have to reapply; I usually add a lip liner and blend to get better definition.

So when choosing a lip color, it is all about choosing the most flattering color as well as the right formulation for your needs.  Below are some more tips on choosing the best red lip for your skin type. The next time you go shopping for red lipstick, follow these simple steps to help you find the right red for your skin tone.

  • Take a few sheets of plain white paper or some unlined white index cards with you, even white tissues will suffice.
  • Apply the colors that you like to the white paper.
  • Check to see if there is an underlying color (this is the color that you usually see when you smear the lipstick).
  • If the underlying color is blue, then the lipstick is in the blue-red family and will look good on you if your color palette is cool.
  • If the underlying color is orange, the lipstick is in the orange-red family and will be great if your color palette is warm.
  • If there is no underlying color, then the lipstick is a true red and voila anyone can wear it and look good.

Natural Makeup Tips for Multi-hued Skin Tones

Makeup is one of my favorite topics but I am definitely not an authority–just give me some lipstick and I am ready to go!  I really wanted to write a blog on makeup for multi-hued skin tones, so I decided to consult the experts.  One of my friends, Candy Hannan, also happens to be a phenomenal makeup artist and she, along with international celebrity makeup artist Marietta Carter-Narcisse, gave me great some tips that I wanted to share with you all.  I especially wanted to know how to achieve that effortless natural look that we see in all of the magazines. Here is what the experts said:

  • Always match your skin tone as close as possible when choosing your foundation.
  • If you have different colors in your face you might have to invest in more than one foundation.
  • Get a foundation to match the darkest that you become in the summer and the lightest that you become in the winter.
  • Apply the darker shade to the darker areas and the lighter shade to the lighter areas, and then blend.
  • Once foundation is blended properly, it is going to look as though you applied one shade of foundation.
  • Use cream blush to create a very natural glow; then powder with a loose powder to set your makeup and leave the compact for quick touch ups.
  • Choose eye shadows that are close to your complexion.
  • If your skin tone is very dark, choose warm chocolate brown colors, eggplants, or aubergines to create a beautiful natural look.
  • Choose a sheer lipstick or lip gloss that is similar to the natural color of your lips; And, most importantly, blend, blend and then blend some more.