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Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd Talks Specific Beauty on HSN

In case you missed it, Specific Beauty was featured on HSN during the Beauty Hour from 8pm until 9pm on June 13, 2013. Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd explained the simplicity and effectiveness of her skincare line, Specific Beauty. Check out the entire Skin Brightening 4-piece Beauty Regimen, a Customer Pick on HSN!

Check out Heather getting ready for her segment on HSN!
Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd backstage at HSN

Licorice and Green Tea: Unique and Effective Ingredients in Skincare

Natural ingredients continue to grow in skincare and for good reason. At every meeting I attend, I am always excited to hear about the great new research on these new natural ingredients. To treat treat hyperpigmentation, my favorite ingredient is licorice. Licorice extract works not only on pigmentation but also on inflammation so products that contain licorice extract are great for many types of discoloration.

For example dark spots from acne, melasma, and sun damage are some of the most common pigmentary conditions that licorice works on. Products that contain high concentrations of licorice tend to be yellow-brown in color because the extract from the licorice plant is yellow-brown. For example, Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum is yellow because it has very high concentrations of licorice, making it extremely effective. The research on licorice in pigmentation is extensive. In combination with other natural ingredients, the effectiveness of licorice has even been proven to be equal to prescription treatments such as hydroquinone.

Green tea is another one of my favorites. It is an excellent antioxidant and can help prevent free radical damage from the sun. Like licorice, skincare creams with very high concentrations of green tea should be light brown in color because green tea extract is brown. Antioxidants like green tea should be applied in the morning to improve sun protection from sunscreen. Ideally, your daily sunscreen should contain antioxidants but if it doesn’t consider adding a topical antioxidant to your morning routine for better sun protection. When seeking natural ingredients in your skincare regimen, look out for licorice and green tea. These “brown beauties” are great additions to any skincare routine.

The Best Sources of Antioxidants are Delicious!!!

We all know that antioxidants are great for your skin.  They work by preventing free radical damage in the skin.  For a really great explanation of free radicals and how they damage our skin, read my post here.  But the quick summary is: antioxidants are good for us inside and out.  They fight free radicals that can harm our skin.  So where should we get our antioxidants? First, we can use products that contain antioxidants during the day.  Antioxidants are especially useful in sunscreens.  Second, we can include them in our diet. The department of agriculture lists the following as the top twenty antioxidant foods:

  1. Small red beans (dried)                                                 11. Strawberries
  2. Blueberries (wild)                                                          12. Red Delicious apples
  3. Red kidney beans (dried)                                               13. Granny Smith apples
  4. Pinto beans                                                                   14. Pecans
  5. Blueberries (cultivated)                                                  15. Sweet cherries
  6. Cranberries                                                                   16. Black plums
  7. Artichoke hearts (cooked)                                              17. Russet potatoes (cooked)
  8. Blackberries                                                                   18. Black beans (dried)
  9. Prunes                                                                           19. Plums
  10. Raspberries                                                                    20. Gala apples

I love this list!  Most foods on the list are obvious–lots of fruits and berries.  But some are unexpected, like artichoke hearts, russet potatoes, and even pecans–the only nut to make the list.

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