Leopard Legs

By Heather Woolery-Lloyd

Leopard Legs

I know you must be thinking…what on earth this blog about!! Well it is about bug bites and how to prevent dark marks all over your legs from bug bites in the summer. As summer approaches, this is a big complaint in my practice. We all want to wear those cute summer dresses but they don’t look so cute when your legs are covered in dark marks from mosquito bites. This is an especially big problem in Miami where mosquitoes are everywhere! The best way to address this problem is prevention. Wear insect repellent when you are going to spend any significant amount of time outside. I know these products used to smell awful and I hated wearing them too. However, recently there have been some great products on the market that don’t smell bad at all. I like the OFF Family Care line which doesn’t have that chemical smell. I also carry individually wrapped wipes in my purse for those times when you unexpectedly need them (like outdoor restaurants).

If you get covered in bug bites, the best over the counter remedy is hydrocortisone 1% cream. However, prescription strength cortisone is the best treatment so ask your dermatologist for a prescription to have on hand when you need it over the summer. If despite everything, you end up with dark marks on your legs, you can try 2% hydroquionone with a Qtip so that it does not get on the normal skin. Also body moisturizers with sunscreen (like Eucerin) can prevent the dark marks from getting darker in the sun. Hopefully, with these tips you can maintain beautiful “spot-free” legs this summer.

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