Do Zinc Supplements Make Botox Last Longer?

By Heather Woolery-Lloyd

Last year an ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Sopokar, published a study on patients he was treating with Botox for blepharospasm. Belapharospam is a condition characterized by constant uncontrolled eye twitching (not just the regular eye twitching that everyone occasionally gets). Anyway, this doctor treated 44 patients with a zinc and phytase supplement 4 days before the Botox injections and found that 41 out of the 44 patients had better and longer improvement when compared to their previous treatments.

This is a very interesting concept because Botox belongs to a group of enzymes that are zinc dependent (they need zinc to work). Phytase is a supplement that helps the body absorb zinc. So it makes some sense that a zinc supplement with phytase may help Botox work better, especially in people who are deficient in zinc. Based on this research, there is a new prescription supplement on the market that contains zinc and phytase to help Botox work better and last longer. This supplement is supposed to be taken 4 days before and on the day of Botox injection. I think this is a very interesting concept and it is based on some scientific data. The biggest question is do you have to buy the prescription Zytaze ($60) or can you just supplement with zinc from your local pharmacy ($10). To answer this question, we need a better study comparing these two supplements. For now, I do think it is okay to take zinc for a few days prior to Botox injections. It certainly won’t hurt and it may help to make the treatment better. I will keep you posted on any new research on this very hot topic.

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