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Brown Skin 101 – #AskTheDermatologist


Join DooBop’s co-founder Jodie Patterson & Dermatologist Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd for a Live Google Hangout as they talk #BrownSkin101 , tomorrow, August 28 @ 1PM EST

Debunk brown skin myths. Learn how to clear stubborn sunspots & and diminish dark circles. Experts share must do’s & don’ts for younger skin.

#AskTheDermatologist for tips on maintaining healthy, glowing, brown skin
#doobopbeauty We’ve provided the link to the LIVE Google Hangout below

Jodie and Heather will be joined by #awesome #expert #influencer #bloggers who will chime in with their questions and comments #LIVE. Take a listen and learn #tomorrow!


· Renae Bluitt Blogger & Publicist @InHerShoesBlog
· Julia Conley Blogger @JuliaConey
· Christina Bellevue, Make up artist & Blogger @BelleviewBeauty

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