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Diet and Wrinkles

Today I spoke at the University of Miami – Well Being/Being Well Conference.  I spoke about sun protection, skin care, and natural therapies.  The participants were so excited to hear about all of the newer natural therapies in skin care and I promise to keep you updated on this information in my upcoming blogs.

After my session, I attended the luncheon and the speaker was Dr. Andrew Weil.  He is a pioneer in integrative medicine which incorporates diet, exercise, alternative medicine, and an overall holistic approach into the practice of medicine.  His talk focused mainly on the negative impact of processed foods on our overall health.

I started to think about how processed food could also impact our skin.  Well there are a few studies looking at diet and wrinkles.  The largest was an international study that examined the diets of over 400 adults(over 70 years old)  in Australia, Greece, and Sweden.  The investigators found that diet did play a significant role in wrinkling in sun-exposed skin.  People that ate foods such as green leafy vegetables, fish and whole grains had less wrinkles.  In addition, diets rich in good fats such as olive oil were also associated with younger looking skin.

Not surprisingly, diets filled with red meat and less healthy carbohydrates were associated with more wrinkling.  I truly believe that we need to eliminate or at least minimize the amount of processed food in our diet for a myriad of health reasons.  This study suggests that a healthy diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats may also prevent wrinkles too!

The Best Sources of Antioxidants are Delicious!!!

We all know that antioxidants are great for your skin.  They work by preventing free radical damage in the skin.  For a really great explanation of free radicals and how they damage our skin, read my post here.  But the quick summary is: antioxidants are good for us inside and out.  They fight free radicals that can harm our skin.  So where should we get our antioxidants? First, we can use products that contain antioxidants during the day.  Antioxidants are especially useful in sunscreens.  Second, we can include them in our diet. The department of agriculture lists the following as the top twenty antioxidant foods:

  1. Small red beans (dried)                                                 11. Strawberries
  2. Blueberries (wild)                                                          12. Red Delicious apples
  3. Red kidney beans (dried)                                               13. Granny Smith apples
  4. Pinto beans                                                                   14. Pecans
  5. Blueberries (cultivated)                                                  15. Sweet cherries
  6. Cranberries                                                                   16. Black plums
  7. Artichoke hearts (cooked)                                              17. Russet potatoes (cooked)
  8. Blackberries                                                                   18. Black beans (dried)
  9. Prunes                                                                           19. Plums
  10. Raspberries                                                                    20. Gala apples

I love this list!  Most foods on the list are obvious–lots of fruits and berries.  But some are unexpected, like artichoke hearts, russet potatoes, and even pecans–the only nut to make the list.

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